So you run your own business? That is simply marvellous! But I bet you never imagined you would be constantly stressed at the amount of time and energy that “running” aspect takes. I meet so many clients who are at the end of their rope trying to simply stay on top of the everyday tasks that they have lost all of their passion for their business.

Here are some great reasons why you need your own VA:

1. You are constantly missing phone calls – if you are at appointments with clients and cannot get to the phone, missed calls mean lost business. We can answer your phone for you using your business name and we can book appointments and manage your calendar.

2. We are experts in so many software products – we can do in 1 hour something that you might have wasted hours trying to do and you are still not getting it right.

3. You can focus on growing your business – when all of your energy is wasted on completing the day to day tasks, you can forget that what is important is finding new opportunities.

4. You can relax knowing it is being done properly – so many times I meet business owners who have simply “had a go” at something only to have done it poorly or even incorrectly. If this is seen by the customer this has bigger implications as it reflects on your business.

5. We can manage the deadlines. Whether you want to send regular mailouts, electronic newsletters or scheduled cards for birthdays and Christmas, we can manage this for you. This means that rather than letting timelines pass and opportunities being missed, we will keep on top of this for you so that you never have to worry.

6. We will save you money – work out what your hourly rate is and then calculate how long a task takes. For example, if formatting a letter takes you 3 hours that is 3 hours of lost income earning time. Now consider this, you could have paid us for 1 hour to complete this task.

7. We will save you time – handing over the day-to-day tasks in your business means you are not getting caught up wasting hours and hours trying to complete things that you really don’t want to be doing and in all honesty, aren’t doing particularly well.

Now, I know that these reasons should be sufficient to make you believe that your business needs our help but the truth of it is, there is one final reason and that is the fear of letting go. Many of us believe that we are best equipped to handle all of the tasks in our business and are scared that if we hand them over, they won’t be done as well.

If you would like to understand how we will manage things for you, the best way to feel confident is to meet with us for chat. We can talk through your needs and work out how we can best help you.