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In today’s fast paced world people have a low tolerance for not being able to speak to someone when they call. For every client that leaves a message on your voice mail, two others will not and will try one of your competitors.

Your Virtual Business Centre ensure your customers will always reach someone on the other end of the phone by providing personalised Phone & Diary Management for your business. We will answer all incoming calls on behalf of your company. Your Virtual Business Centre staff answer all calls with “Thank you for calling (company name)”.

Phone & Diary Management – The Hub

Your Virtual Business Centre personalised Phone & Diary Management system will answer all incoming calls on behalf of your company.

Your Virtual Business Centre answer all calls with “Thank you for calling (your company name)”. As well as making your appointments we send out SMS reminders and work with a ‘Waiting List’ so if a client cancels we fill that appointment for you.

What to learn more about “The Hub”? – FIND OUT MORE

Social Media Management

Just Facebook alone has 300 million plus users, and if it was a nation it would be the 3rd biggest in the world. The potential for advertising and new customer acquisition through online media is colossal. With a professionally handled online presence we seek to generate new business for your company.

Ask us about how we can promote your business over various social media platforms


Your Virtual Business Centre offer a substantial range of administration services:

  • Word-processing / Data Entry
  • Scanning
  • Printing/Photo Copying
  • Professional binding and laminating.
  • Mail Outs – Includes Printing, folding & inserting into envelope, stamping & delivery to Australia Post

If you need something done just ask we will be happy to accommodate.

Thank You Cards

Your Virtual Business Centre send out many different types of professional cards on your behalf for many types of reasons. It could be ‘Thank You for your Business’, ‘Thank You for the Referral’, ‘Christmas’, ‘Birthdays’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Get Well’, ‘Wedding’, or Special Occasions’ to name a few.

Each card is personalised and can mean so much to the recipient. We could add in a Gift Certificate, Movie Tickets, Coffee Voucher or even a Corporate Gift Basket!

Your own logo could be inserted, any pics you want and you could even have your own colour photo all on this card.

Holiday Relief

Need a holiday?

Short term telephone re-direction and appointment booking service.

What types of businesses can use a virtual reception service?

Any business, especially if you:

  • Don’t want to miss potential customers/clients when your phone goes unanswered
  • Don’t want to spend your lunch breaks going through messages and returning calls
  • Don’t have the space in your office for a reception desk
  • Don’t have the finances to employ a full time Receptionist including sick leave, superannuation payments & holidays
  • Want your business to ‘appear’ bigger and more professional than it really is