What is the Hub?

As a phone and diary client your company will enjoy referrals from numerous Your Virtual Business Centre Phone & Diary Clients.

Your Virtual Business Centre is privileged to lots of information from consumers and as a member of The Hub we will establish a link between our other clients with non-conflicting services so we can generate potential sales from one incoming telephone call. Our highly trained inbound calling staff will be able to identify sales opportunities and will upsell your business to our clients’ customers generating you new business.

This is a unique service that no other company can offer. Your Virtual Business Centre’s attention to detail allows us to create an exceptional internal networking service, a one of a kind business directory.

What does the HUB have to offer?

Appointment Setting

Your Virtual Business Centre book appointments into your diary. We gather all criteria needed by your company so appointment time is not wasted. Your Virtual Business Centre use online programs so all appointments are automatically synchronised with suitable appointment dates, times, and methods for customer contact.

Appointment Confirmation

Your Virtual Business Centre confirm appointments with prospective clients 24 / 48 hours before scheduled appointment to ensure no time is wasted. These can be text message or email reminders.

These services will allow you and your staff to get on with the job without unnecessary interruptions so you can do what you do best and make profit. Time is priceless especially in business.

Data Base Sourcing of Decision Makers

Do you know your target market? Your Virtual Business Centre source the database solution that will meet your requirements and product needs and target your ideal clients. Your Virtual Business Centre endeavour to supply a list with the key requirement, decision makers. This way we know that we can deliver more revenue for your company.

Productive Newsletter/Email Campaigns

Your Virtual Business Centre create productive newsletters and email campaigns with your company logo’s promoting your services, products and promotions to a wider audience. Your Virtual Business Centre track the results allowing you to see who has opened it, what they were interested in and who they have shared the email with. Your Virtual Business Centre monitor the email campaigns by watching read reviews and clicks, following these potential prospects up with a telephone call.


Your Virtual Business Centre has in-house facilities to do mass mailouts to market your business. Mailout service includes printing, folding and inserting the letter and any flyers into an envelope, stamping and delivery to Australia Post.

Telemarketing (Outbound Calling)

Everyone knows cold calling is dead. Our mission here at Your Virtual Business Centre simply is to : EVOLVE ACHIEVE GROW

Evolve - Achieve - Grow

By evolving the cold call process we can demonstrate that if approached correctly you can get conversion rates. Your Virtual Business Centre source a database of prospective clients that meet your ideal target market. We do this by continuously updating our extensive master list of businesses within Australia.

To achieve conversions Your Virtual Business Centre do not just pick up the phone and cold call these leads, we make them warm by either emailing an introduction email to the decision maker directly or send a letter in the post. Your Virtual Business Cente sell the service or product that you offer. Our highly trained staff watch who opens the emails and clicks and then follow up with a phone call securing new appointments. All appointments will be qualified before consultation is arranged so that your business will grow.

Your Virtual Business Centre create a tailor made campaign that will be designed specifically to enhance your business. Your package will consist of telephone line, scripts, staff training of products and services by liaising with business owner and research, contracts & agreements.