So you are tired of working hard in your business and you want to get on with running your business instead of the myriad of administrative tasks that demand your attention. You now have to hand over some of these tasks and learn to let go. So how do you do this?

Building trust in any relationship takes time. Firstly, you must invest in the relationship you have with anyone that you outsource to. There are several tips to help get your relationship off on the right foot. These include:

1. Interview the person you are hiring – be thorough and ask for personal referrals and then follow them up.
2. Include a confidentiality clause in any contract or understanding.
3. Get an estimate of the time it will take to complete a task prior to commencement.
4. Establish the billing process – will it be by the hour or per project.
5. Set an expectation of the workload – they need to have some predictability in their business.

Remember that if you set up a good working relationship from the outset, you are creating a great foundation for moving forward together. Don’t be afraid to share some of the vision and goals you have for your business. Once they start to learn more about your business from the inside out, they can often suggest better ways to complete tasks or even areas of efficiencies.

Finding the right fit to outsource certain tasks in your business to can be the key to growth in your business. It can also have knock on effects – reducing your stress and workload. If you are considering outsourcing, speak to us. We are happy to have a chat about your business and how we can help.