Last month, I wrote a blog on the Tomato Technique, which is a proven methodology for improving both your productivity and time management. If you missed this blog, click here to read it.

Another tool that I use in regards to productivity is one that improves your focus. Many of us live with constant noise and this can often be a distraction. It might be something as simple as the hum of traffic or a phone ringing but the reality is, these noises can serve to undermine all of our good intentions as our brain battles to block these sounds out so that we can concentrate on our work.

There has been a significant amount of research in to music and how this impacts our concentration and focus. The key findings suggest that each time you notice something in your environment, you are paying attention to it and not your work. If you are able to block out these distractions, you will be able to better focus. There is a lot of research about the type of sound you need to have to best allow you to focus. What is essential is training our mind to block out these distractions so that we can better get in to the flow of our work.

If you would like to read more about the science of concentration, click here for more info. (insert link: This website – Focus At Will provides you with some amazing background music to assist in your concentration. You can choose a genre that appeals to you most and give it a try. Brilliantly, the website also has a built in time to work in with your Tomato Technique. You can also rate your performance at the end of each session. There are paid options available as well as other free choices available on the internet.

Be sure to try out this music focusing technique and see how you go. I would love to hear your results so be sure to drop me an email on [email protected]