In my previous blog, I gave you some suggestions on some occasions when you can thank your client. So now that you have some suggestions, here are some ideas on how you can thank them:

1. Call them: a simple phone call holds much more weight than it used to. People are busy and therefore appreciate that you have taken the time to pick up the phone and call. You will be surprised how positively this is received. If you get a voicemail, be sure to leave a nice message.

2. Send a note or a card: again, in this technological age, taking the time to put a card or note in the mail will generally be received much better than exactly the same words just put in an email.

3. Deliver a gift: this does not have to be something like flowers or a chocolate though these are still popular. Consider doing something seasonal and look wider for clever options like gourmet food hampers from your local online grocer. The Lettuce Shop have an amazing selection for anyone based in Perth.

4. Hold an event: This is something you might want to do once a year. You can keep as a simple thank-you event or consider creating a trade show to launch a new product or service. Try and keep it away from peak holiday times when people are already busy.

5. Offer specials or discounts: you can offer this to both existing clients and prospects. A great time to give a special is when your client places an order.

6. Send them referrals: this is the nicest gift of all and your clients will love it. Naturally, it is not always possible to refer people to all of your clients but just put some thought in to it.

7. Take them for a coffee: spending time with your client will build the relationship and there are many opportunities that can come from this time. Ask them about their business, new products and their clients. You may find ways to help them or refer someone who will be able to help them. Be genuine and show your clients that you care about their business and want to support them.

8. Do a shout out on your social media: this can be a great platform to thank your client as it goes out to the masses. Your client will see both your thanks and all of your followers will see that you know how to show appreciation.

9. Donate to a charity of their choice: many people have certain charities that they are passionate about and if you take the time to find this out and support them as a thank-you, your client will remember this.

10 Bring in an expert: if your clients frequently mention a certain issue or area of concern, why not connect them to a specific expert or better yet, run a small session and invite your clients along and get the expert to speak. This shows that you are interested in helping them to grow their business.

I hope you find these tips useful. I am committing to doing more of these this year.