Getting things done. This concept sounds easy but realistically it can be overwhelming. Have you ever had clients utter the phrase ‘I don’t care how you do it, just get it done?’ Comments like this may be said in jest; however as a small business owner it subconsciously puts you under pressure, which increases your stress levels.

The secret to completing your biggest tasks is simple: break it down. That means reducing your extensive assignment into smaller jobs. Think of it as a subdivide or your project block.

First, you’ll need to write down every single thing you need to do for this big task, no matter how minor it may be. For the purpose of this blog I’ll use ‘scheduling an Annual General Meeting’ as an example. In this case your list may include little jobs such as writing a list of your attendees and their contact details, typing a draft email invitation, finding out venue availability, booking the conference room etc.

The idea is to de-clutter your brain and get your ideas down on paper. You can devise your task plan on your computer, handwrite a list in your notebook, pin slips of paper onto a corkboard, stick Post It notes across your desk…whatever works for you. This visual representation of yours doesn’t have to be neat per se; just easy for you to understand. Don’t complicate matters by using jargon for your own notes.

Once you’ve finished you can start going through your plan by completing one small job at a time. If you’re concerned about being time poor, try setting aside 15 minutes a day for these duties. Allow yourself a realistic deadline and before you know it you’ve fulfilled that big task you thought you’d never get around to.

Breaking down your biggest tasks will not only add value to your business, it will also give you the freedom to work within your mental and physical means.